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In 1994 LA STRADA receives its own name and is organized as a self contained festival. The festival is carried out by the "Kontorhaus – Werk- statthaus für freie Bühnenkunst", now the theaterkontor, in cooperation with the Quartier e.V.

In 1999 the festival moves to Bremen’s city centre. The festival’s conception now completely lies in the hands of the theaterkontor.

Due to reconstruction measures LA STRADA has to move from Bremen’s city centre to the nearby public park Wallanlagen in 2000, following a ten day festival as partial-programme of the Expo2000.

After a new space concept, a different programme focus and new event partnerships are developed, LA STRADA returns to its venue in the city centre in 2006. From 2008 onwards, LA STRADA not only takes place in the city centre but since 2009 also again in the Wallanlagen.

Since 2008 the Sparkasse Bremen donates the big opening show to the festival and thereby also to the city.
Due to that, the large production PI L’EAU’ by the Dutch Compagnie CLOSE ACT could be invited in the same year.

In 2012 the French Compagnie RETOURAMONT presented its vertical dance “DANSE DES CARIATIDES”.

In 2013 visitors had the chance to see THEATER ANU with its ocean full of candles at the Wallanlagen.

In 2014 LA STRADA celebrated it's 20. anniversary with numerous German and World Premiere.



See our previous acts at the archive.

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International Street Performance Festival

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