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    IT'S Getting Started!

    LA STRADA 2022

    After Omikron completely threw off our normal schedule at the end of 2021, our start to the year was turbulent, nerve-wracking and tumultuous.

    After it was clear that there will finally be another festival in 2022, everything had to happen really fast! Now it's March, there are only 80 days left until the opening and we can finally announce: 

    // Here we go again - the program for the #28 International Festival of Street Arts is set! //

    Due to the exceptional situation and difficult planning, LA STRADA is exclusively staging the Wallanlagen this year. A smaller but selected and diverse program in front of and behind the Kunsthalle again invites you to stroll, enjoy and marvel!
    We are looking forward to international artists, great spectators and the unique atmosphere that we have missed so much!

    Our website is still under construction, check it out from time to time or in the social media - we will keep you up to date.
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