Find out more about the International street performance festival

Corona still holds the world in suspense. LA STRADA develops a modular concept and implements different event formats from March to November. From a theatre play in a Live-Stream, the Kunstpark, a building arts park in the Wallanlagen and hopeful angels above the rooftops of the city, to a small festival version in Knoops Park and Blumenthal. A day dedicated to contemporary circus rounds off the year in November!

The Corona pandemic leads to the cancellation of the event, both in downtown Bremen, as well as in Bremen Blumenthal and Vegesack. With the Corona.Edition ALLES ANDERS LA STRADA realizes a small version of the festival in Knoops Park in the fall and is able to please almost 2000 spectators with a poetic program in Bremen's most beautiful park

LA STRADA celebrates a quarter of a century of festival history, in which no show has been booked twice, unusual venues have been enchanted and a diverse audience has been thrilled! For the first time the festival discovered the Maritime Meile in Bremen Vegesack with its own spectacle at the Weser.
In 2018, the festival began with the poetic tightrope act SODADE of the CIRQUE ROUAGE and inspired the audience. Since this year LA STRADA is also part of the EU-project "Poetic Invasion of the Cities" and thus takes again a stronger role of a producing festival. For the first time the scenery of Knoops Park was played as part of the Garden Culture Music Festival. 
In 2017 LA STRADA goes on a journey and discovers the north of Bremen for the first time. On the area of the Bremer Wollkämmerei the international festival of street arts invites you to stroll around and enjoy the experience. Especially the local young talents are in focus.
With an exhibition in the public library of Bremen LA STRADA 2015 looks back on 20 years of street arts. This year's festival was opened by the trio ACROBAROUF with a breathtaking combination of poetic images and spectacular
Acrobatics in their play SCRATCH.
In 2014, LA STRADA celebrated it's 20[sup]th[/sup] anniversary with numerous German and World Premieres. Since then, the festival presents itself in a  new design and thus reflects the ongoing development of the festival and the different types of productions.
In 2013, visitors had the chance to admire THEATER ANU on two evenings with its production DIE GROSSE REISE while wandering through a sea of candles in the Wallanlagen.
In 2012, the French Compagnie RETOURAMONT presented its vertical dance DANSE DES CARIATIDES.
From 2008 onwards, LA STRADA not only takes place in the city centre but since 2009 also in the Wallanlagen once again.
Since 2008, the Sparkasse Bremen donates the big opening show to the festival and thereby also to the city. 
Due to that, the large production PI L’EAU by the Dutch Company CLOSE ACT could be invited in the same year.
After the development of a new concept for the park, LA STRADA seeks new challenges and returns to its venue in the city centre in 2006. 
Due to reconstruction measures, LA STRADA has to move from Bremen’s city centre to the nearby public park Wallanlagen in 2000, following a ten day festival as a partial programme of the Expo2000.
In 1999, the festival moves to Bremen’s city centre. The festival’s conception now completely lies in the hands of the theaterkontor.
In 1994, LA STRADA receives its own name and is organised as a summer festival with some street theatre. The festival is carried out by the "Kontorhaus – Werkstatthaus für freie Bühnenkunst", now the theaterkontor, in cooperation with the Quartier e.V.