// Before the festival //

Where can I find the program?
You can find an overview of the festival schedule under Program. The complete program can be found from 31.5 under acts:inside.

Can I come to the festival with my whole family?
Everyone is welcome at the festival. The shows are all age recommended on the program page. Feel free to check the program to see if the show is appropriate for your children's age group.

What happens if it rains ?
Even if the weather is bad, there will be a program. However, only as much as we can take responsibility for the safety and health of our artists. Please contact the information booths on the festival grounds for further information.

Is there a program booklet?
This year there will be again no program booklet. You can find all program information under Acts and the exact program schedule under Timetable on the web and on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can purchase a flyer for €2.00 at the information stands, where the programme times and the locations of the stages can be found.

How do I get to the festival?
Information on how to get there can be found under Arrival.

Is the festival barrier-free?
The festival takes place in public space. In the Wallanlagen also on grassy areas, which now and then affects getting around a bit. If you are unable to see at the stages or would like assistance in any other way, please contact the volunteers, LA STRADA Engel.
A barrier-free toilet can be found at the backstage tent behind the Kunsthalle. In the city center is the barrier-free toilet am Schütting.

Will there be food and drinks at the festival?
There are plenty of food and drink stands around the festival venues. If you like, you can also bring your own food and drinks. In the spirit of sustainability, we ask that you take your packaging waste and beverage cans and bottles back home with you, so that everyone is guaranteed a nice stay.

What does the festival cost?
The festival is free of admission but not free of charge. The artists are lured to Bremen mainly because of the donation-friendliness of the people of Bremen. Therefore, please always have some small change ready.

Can I help out at the festival?
LA STRADA always needs helping hands. Volunteers at LA STRADA are called Angels and are available in the areas of: Catering, stage support, info and pledge booths. Click here for more information.

// At the festival //

What do I do with my drinking cup?
In the spirit of sustainability, all cups at the festival have a deposit. There are info/deposit stations where cups can be returned to avoid waiting at the beverage stands. You are also welcome to donate your cup deposit there to directly support the festival.

How do I find my way around?
At the information booths you will get a folding map for 2,- € with all program times and the locations of the stages.

How can everyone see well?
We trust in the self-organization of the audience. Please sit down and make room for small people. Be considerate of others and be happy to give your seat to visitors with limited mobility.
Wheelchair users should find a place in front of the stage.

What do I put in the hat?
The artists live among other things also from the "hat money". So if you really liked a show and it entertained well for 30-45 minutes, think of what you just spent on a drink or what a theater performance would be worth to you.