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    La STRADA Corona-Edition

    From September 4th to 6th the Corona-Edition of LA STRADA takes place under the title ALLES ANDERS in the beautiful scenery!

    This festival will certainly be an DHE* experience!

    *distance, hygiene rules, everyday mask
    From 4-6 September 2020 LA STRADA - the international festival of street arts will take place in the beautiful setting of Knoops Park! One thing is for sure: EVERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT.
    A guaranteed seat, excellent visibility and advance ticket sales are an integral part of the concept 2020.
    A unique festival concept - great atmosphere - WOW - AHH - OOH!
    To discover special places in Bremen, to enrich them with street arts and to inspire - enraptured - amazed or even questioningly release the visitors* back into everyday life - that is LA STRADA! The festival remains a cultural experience appealing to all senses for young and old visitors alike! LA STRADA remains international. Everyone is welcome! In the constant search for extraordinary ideas the festival combines elements of the performing arts and presents new, contemporary forms of theatrical productions. This year the focus is on the genre of street theatre. The fact that LA STRADA is known for its innovative and changeable concept becomes clear once more in the CORONA EDITION.
    You can find information about ticket sales under the menu item advance ticket sales.

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