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    Look back to anger

    Symposium // not open to the public // June 8, 2021

    LA STRADA is organising a symposium as a partner of the Federal Association of Theatre in Public Spaces within the framework of the project Out and About
    For this, the festival has as impulse speakers:
    katharinajej from the theatre collective katze und krieg.
    Prof. Julia Lossau from the University of Bremen
    Roland Nachtigäller from the Museum Marta Herford and
    have been able to win. The lectures will be recorded and published via our social media channels after the event.
    During the conference, a small group of theatre makers will discuss the future viability and sustainable strengthening of theatre in public spaces. Questions such as what is the role of theatre in public space in the post-Corona era and in what way can performances take up socially relevant issues?

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