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    Workshop for performing artists

    In the context of the networking project Poetic Invasion of the Cities substituted by the EU, LA STRADA – International street performance festival will once again organise two exciting workshops. Registrations will be accepted from now on.

    Workshop for performing artists
    "Being a clown is a state, not a function" (Pierre Etaix). From April 6th to 10th, 2020, the workshop LE JEU CLOWNESQUE will allow the participants to explore their own personal weaknesses to the advantage of their clownish character. The goal is to discover the participants own clown figure and explore the condition of being a clown. In exercises alone, with partners, in silence, with music and gradually with language.

    #2 Fantastic village people
    Workshop for performing artists
    From May 04th until 08th, 2020, a performing workshop with a final presentation in public space will take place in theaterkontor Bremen. The participants will be divided into two groups with either a focus on physical theatre and dance or vocal expression and improvisation, each working with one international artist. The groups are merged at some points. The focus of this workshop is on unfolding one's own creativity and skill of improvisation.

    For further informations about the workshops click [url=https://lastrada-bremen.de/en/pic]here[/url].


    For further information about PIC and the workshops click [url=https://lastrada-bremen.de/en/pic]here[/url].
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