ARt park

The LA STRADA art park behind the Kunsthalle Bremen invites you to linger, discover and remember. Corona.Edition.21 focuses on sound, visual and light art. The park is open 24/7 and has its charm at any time of day. Information on the participating artists can be found below.

Take your time and let yourself drift. From 10pm the park is bathed in a poetic light.

The LA STRADA steals offer the opportunity to recall images of past years and enjoy sound art by means of QR codes.
TIP: Take headphones with you, then you can enjoy the audio files undisturbed.

If your mobile device cannot scan the QR codes with its built-in camera, you can download a free QR code from the Playstore for Android and Appstore for Apple devices.

  • Klangkunst
  • Gemälde
  • Installationen
  • Skulpturen
  • Lichtillumination
  • LA STRADA Stehlen
  • Wallanlagen vor und hinter der Kunsthalle
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