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...enthusiasts for over 23 years!

The 20th International Street Performance Festival transform the downtown of Bremen in a stage under the open sky.
See the city with other eyes, prick up one's ears and let oneself get carried away through the streets by the lively atmosphere – that is LA STRADA.

2014, LA STRADA celebrated his 20th birthday. The open-air-festival is a setting for acrobatic, juggling, clownery and productions of figures and masks. The visitors can participate at different installations and performances and attend at mobile acts. The shows are publicly and freely accessible. The artists look forward to tips. Additional to the program outside in the streets, there is a especially variéte-evening inside. The LA STRADA Gala presents the highlights of the day at saturday- and sunday-evening. In 2014 LA STRADA presented 150 shows, 24 artist-groups from ten countries, twelve german premieres an three world premieres.

The International Street Performance Festival is known all over Europe and a stage for innovative street theatre and cirque noveau. Both internationals established stars and young, emerging artists demonstrate their skills. LA STRADA, the biggest street performance festival in Germany, works only because of the great commitment of the inhabitants. Every year up to 80 honorary people, so-called ANGELS, assist the LA STRADA-team at the artist-support, at the stages and in the backstage



15th - 18th of June

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International Street Performance Festival

Schildstraße 21
28203 Bremen

T +49 421 70 65 82
F +49 421 70 65 83




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